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Hot Wheel Rim Indicator Labels

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Hot Wheel Rim Indicator Labels

These labels are designed to reduce your risk and warn drivers of possible malfunction of wheel-end, bearings and brake components which could save you the high cost and inconvenience of a roadside breakdown or worse still a wheel fire or accident due to a tyre blow out.

If your wheel reaches 120C the label will change from white to orange to show overheated wheel. The label will need to be replaced after the wheel has been serviced.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for use on all trailers, trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.
  • Designed and tested for harsh trucking environments.
  • Resistant to high pressure washers, oils and truck - wash chemicals.
  • Low cost and easy to install.
  • Assists with pre, post and mid trip checks.

Note that this label will not indicate every instance of a wheel end component malfunction, it will indicate excess temperature for prolonged periods that could decrease function or failure of wheel end components.