10 Year Guarantee

Ultra Trailers stand by their trailers by providing a comprehensive warranty schedule that covers everything that makes a trailer operate well. 

All Ultra Trailers have a 10 year Structural Warranty and up to 5 years Warranty on Components. 

The terms of the warranty are broken down into various time frames.  In each time frame the warranty period runs from the date of trailer purchase. 

For particular claims to be considered they must be made prior to the expiry of the relevant time period.  In each case the warranties are subject to the limitations set out below.


10 Year Limited Structural Warranty* 

  • Chassis
  • Axles


    5 Year Limited Warranty

    • Winch Posts
    • Winch
    • Jockey Wheel


    2 Year Limited Warranty

    • Roller Parts
    • Guards
    • Plates
    • Couplings


    12 Month Limited Warranty

    • Lights
    • Wiring
    • Rollers
    • Springs


    6 Month Limited Warranty

    • Brake Calipers
    • Brake Discs
    • Brake Cables & Hoses


    Regular Maintenance & Tips

    • It is important that you inspect your trailer on a regular basis.  Please be aware that wheel bearings do have a settling period.  Due to this, we recommend checking the bearings after 100km of use, then again on an ongoing basis after 500km or 3 months of use.
    • After 3 months use, check all nuts and retighten if necessary.
    • Wash down your trailer after use to maximise longevity.


    ULTRA TRAILER Requirements:

    Terms and conditions of the warranty are in respect of the trailers that it assembles.  The terms of this warranty have been influenced by the harsh environment in which trailers are used and the responsibility of owners to ensure that they regularly clean, inspect and maintain their trailers.

    Under all the above warranties, ULTRA TRAILERS warrant that it will repair or replace free of charge any components, which need repair or replacement as a result of defects in workmanship and materials.


    The warranty covers normal use only.  Recommended loadings and maintenance must be followed.  Any diverting from schedule voids warranty Eg carrying a boat or load exceeding the stated GVM will void warranty.


    ULTRA TRAILERS *does not Cover:

    • Galvanizing of trailers is specifically excluded due to scratching, stone chips, and ramp edge dropping off damage.
    • Does not warrant parts and other products included/used on its trailers which are not manufactured by ULTRA TRAILERS. Such parts and products are to be covered by the individual warranties given by the manufacturers of such parts and products.
    • The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or lack of maintenance, general wear and tear, tampering, modifications or alterations, overloading, damage by result of an accident, abnormal use, off road use or consumables.
    • If the trailer has been tampered with changed or modified by a 3rd party then the warranty becomes null and void.
    • The trailer must be kept in a road worthy condition to WOF standard as required for use on New Zealand roads.
    • ULTRA TRAILERS LTD  is not liable for overloading any auxiliary equipment such as H-frames, bike racks etc.  There are no weight loading specifications for any of the auxiliary equipment.
    • This warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not include consumable items such as brake pads and brake systems, bulbs, tyres, decking, wheel bearings etc.  The liability of ULTRA TRAILERS Ltd is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of the product under warranty. 


    Repairs & Maintenance:

    • ULTRA TRAILERS obligation under this warranty is further limited to the repair or replacement of the defective components only. 
    • In no event shall ULTRA TRAILERS be liable for any consequential, indirect or incidental damage of any kind incurred by reason of the manufacture, workmanship, sale, use or otherwise of the trailer or any defective component.  Nor will it be responsible for any charges for repairs carried out to defective components by people other than itself unless prior authorization has been granted in writing.
    • This warranty will become null and void if any unauthorized persons carry out any repairs or alterations without the permission of ULTRA TRAILERS


    Products not manufactured by ULTRA TRAILERS:

    • ULTRA TRAILERS does not warrant parts and other products included/used on its trailers which are not manufactured by ULTRA TRAILERS.  
    • Such parts and products are to be covered by the individual warranties given by the manufacturers of such parts and products.
    • ULTRA TRAILERS will assist customers in approaching such manufacturers in respect of any such claims.


    Customer Requirements:

    • The customer is responsible for ensuring that regular maintenance is carried out such as tightening of nuts and checking bearings and that the trailer is washed down after use.
    • The customer is responsible for any transportation and insurance costs if the product has to be returned for repair.
    • The customer must provide ULTRA TRAILERS LTD with a reasonable opportunity to repair and reasonable access to the product for warranty service / repair.
    • Warranty claims shall be made in the first instance by delivering the product for inspection to ULTRA TRAILERS LIMITED.


    To receive a copy of our Warranty Claim Form, please email warranty@ultratrailers.co.nz