What does heavy duty mean?

Ultra Trailers trailer frames were designed and engineered with the Kiwi lifestyle in mind.  We have observed over the years that NZers have a tendency to place a bit more weight on their trailers than they should, with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude.

Understanding this, Ultra Trailers uses thicker, bigger box section on all its trailers compared to the competition at a similar price point.  This means Ultra Trailers are more rugged, stronger and longer lasting.  Ultra trailer frames have reduced flexing and better fatigue strength, so less stress on the trailer means less stress on you.


How much should I expect to pay for a boat trailer?

Prices for boat trailers vary from a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands, depending on how large the trailer is, what the frame is made out of, quality of componentry, and whether or not you choose options such as cable or hydraulic brakes on larger trailers.

Ultra Trailers are a value-premium offer and built ultra tough from thickly-galvanised steel, using some of the best componentry sourced from trusted, benchmark NZ suppliers.


What should I expect to pay for on-road costs?

In preparation of you picking up your new Ultra Trailer, we will get your new trailer a 3-year Warrant of Fitness (completed by an independent inspector) and 1-year Registration to get your trailer roadworthy for just $150.


How is quality ensured in every Ultra Trailer?

Each Ultra Trailer goes through an ultra rigorous 50-Point Safety Check before being sold.


I want to see an Ultra Trailer before I commit to a purchase.  Is there a yard, where I can visit and view my options?

Yes!  Our yard is based in Drury at 580 Burtt Road.  We have all our trailers made up and ready to fit, so feel free to visit us during our opening hours or give us a call to arrange a viewing.


Is there any warranty or guarantee with the purchase of an Ultra Trailer?

Every Ultra Trailer offers a 10 Year Structural Guarantee, which is the longest guarantee available in NZ.

Terms and Conditions of this outstanding guarantee are:

  • Ultra-Trailers guarantees that the frame or welds will not brake or fail and within first 10 years of manufacture regardless of when the owner purchased
  • Owner to provide original trailer invoice
  • The owner is expected to clean the trailer thoroughly after every use.
  • The owner is required to apply Corrosion X (or similar corrosion preventative compound) from their professional applicator network at least every 3 years (Owner will have to provide receipt proof this has been carried out)
  • Owner is expected to service trailer and bearings regularly and provide invoice receipts to prove that


I have decided I want an Ultra Trailer.  How do I start the purchase process?

Get in touch by calling 0800 1000 55 or email us at sales@ultratrailers.co.nz.  In order to know exactly which size trailer you need, we will need some basic information about your boat.  If you have this information on hand, we can narrow down the right model for you quicker:

  1. Drain Plug to Bow Eye
  2. Bow Eye to Bow
  3. Length Overall (excluding motor and accessories)  


Is Kiwi steel better than Indian or Chinese steel?

NZ Steel’s Glenbrook steel mill no longer manufactures the box section steel required for trailers.  Although some trailer companies may build their frames in NZ and even get their steel from suppliers in NZ, their steel will be originally sourced out of China or elsewhere, even when local suppliers might say it comes from Australia or USA.

The Ultra difference, is that our locally designed frames are crafted from high quality steel we select, and to our stringent specification by factories with whom we have a strong and lasting relationship.


Does Ultra Trailers offer boat fitting?

Absolutely.  If you are time-poor, or just wanting to avoid the added task, we can fit your boat to your new Ultra Trailer for you for just $250.


Why does Ultra Trailers use Japanese bearings?

All Ultra Trailers are equipped with locally-sourced NSK Japanese Bearings, as they are one of the top bearing brands in the world.  NSK offers the highest level of safety, reliability, durability, and overall quality.

NSK are the oldest manufacturer of ball bearings in Japan, and they have put their experience to good use in creating a diverse and high quality product range encompassing bearings, automotive products, precision machinery parts and mechatronics. In 1990, NSK acquired RHP, and brought this well known British brand's expertise and manufacturing facilities into the NSK fold. (ABD Group)

We believe in using highest quality parts and components and are proud to be using NSK bearings throughout our entire range of heavy duty boat and box trailers.  NSK bearings can also be sold separately here.


What finance options does Ultra offer?

When it comes to financing your new Ultra Trailer, we recommend Stadium Finance.  Stadium Finance offers fast approval, great rates and flexible terms.

For more information on loans tailored to suit you.  You can apply here; phone: 0508 588 522; or email: hello@stadiumfinance.co.nz 


How can I keep in touch with Ultra Trailers?

You can follow us on social media!  Either on Facebook or Instagram.