What Size Boat Trailer Do I Need?

In order to get the right trailer for you we need to know the make, model, the approximate weight of your boat along with the following 3 boat measurements.  See the graphic below on how to measure your boat.

1  Drain Plug - Bow Eye
2  Bow Eye - Bow
3  Length Overall (excluding motor and accessories)  


If you can provide these details, Ultra Trailers can work out what size trailer is best for your boat. 

Other useful information would include whether or not you beach load, details of your towing vehicle and which coupling size you require (standard is 1 7/8", 50ml or multi fit).

Please note that the boat sizes and measurements we recommend for our Boat Trailers are a good guide as to which size trailer would be suited to your boat but there are a number of other factors that should be considered before confirming which trailer is best and on occasion a bigger or smaller trailer than once thought may be required.